A groundbreaking approach to treating the ailments of aging

Advancing cannabinoid-based therapies (CBTs) for our country’s most vulnerable population.

Reimagine Aging


Oncuity connects hospitals and pharmacy partners with direct access to a vast network of CBT patients and leading cannabis operators to deliver proprietary, data-driven treatment protocols that support the use of alternative therapies over traditional medications. Our partner network and extensive relationships enable us to introduce a multi-channel pharmaceutical distribution model to replace today’s burdensome and relatively unsophisticated dispensary model. 


Oncuity collaborates with health insurance companies to remove obstacles to CBTs and provide older adults with much-needed access to cost-efficient therapies for the prevalent symptoms of aging. Oncuity’s vast network of patients and expertise in CBTs can provide payors with a well-researched and commercially viable opportunity to improve patient outcomes while reducing insurance costs.


Oncuity partners with leading academic and research institutions to conduct groundbreaking studies on cannabinoid-based therapies needed to define treatment protocols for older adults. This will help us establish a best-in-class CBT research initiative to validate the efficacy, safety, and use of CBTs in older patients as we explore therapeutic opportunities and the effectiveness of CBTs in adults 65+.


Oncuity works with the greater scientific community to study, adopt, and promote cannabinoid-based therapies for their patients. We connect healthcare providers with CBT patients in our partner network of hospitals, long-term care facilities, pharmacies, member agencies, and patient communities to deliver well-researched, data-driven CBT treatment protocols as an additive therapy to traditional medication.

Policy Makers

Oncuity is currently developing a federal program to accelerate the approval and patent of cannabinoid-based therapy treatment protocols for our country’s aging population. Our goal is to designate adults 65+ as a federally protected class for medical cannabis to prevent a healthcare crisis and improve the efficacy of a substance already available to millions of aging Americans.


Oncuity is helping ensure the voices of older Americans get heard in the discussion around cannabinoid-based therapies. By working closely with patients and their advocates, we’re creating a bespoke patient experience and evidenced-based products designed for the needs of adults 65+ in order to improve adoption, safety, and efficacy.

The time is now to help our most vulnerable population

By making cannabinoid-based therapies safer and more accessible, we can save lives, billions of dollars in healthcare costs, and help adults 65+ age more comfortably.

Americans turn 65 every day

Seniors will make up 20% of the population by 2030, soon to be the largest age group in the country (currently 17%)

44M Medicare Enrollees in 2020, expected to reach 79M by 2030


Yearly increase in cannabis usage 65+

10-15% Yearly increase in Cannabis usage among adults 65+


Physicians approve of CBD treatment options [7]

69% of physicians believe that CBD is a good treatment option for their patients


In potential CBT-based healthcare savings [8]

Cost Of CBTs Is Lower Than Traditional Meds
(Average spending, Adults 65+)

Redefining healthcare norms for seniors

Our seniors are in the midst of a health crisis that is putting our citizens and our healthcare system in peril. We can no longer allow our aging population to suffer in silence, burdened by rising opioid dependence, inadequate solutions for their ailments, and massive healthcare costs. The time is now to create more effective and innovative ways to improve healthcare for American 65+.

The Living Lab

Oncuity’s Living Lab is a research initiative dedicated to the scientific exploration of the endocannabinoid system. It’s comprised of a highly collaborative team of experts fighting for better research to help our country’s most vulnerable population age more comfortably. Their findings will help form the foundation needed to develop evidence-based treatment protocols physicians can use to create safe, effective CBT programs to improve the quality of life for aging adults. 

Our Partners

We’ve assembled a team of collaborators who, like us, are fighting for better research to help our country’s most vulnerable population age more comfortably. Our institutional partners in academia and healthcare are conducting cutting edge studies on CBT use in older adults to establish the clinical standard for CBTs and modernize regulatory norms.

Join us in redefining healthcare norms for adults 65+

We have a tremendous opportunity to help our country’s most vulnerable population live happier, healthier lives by tapping into the full potential of cannabinoid-based therapies. Sign up to get involved and receive the latest updates on our radical new approach.

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