About us

We are a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary team dedicated to providing our country’s most vulnerable population access to cannabinoid-based therapies to help them live active, healthy, and independent lives as they age.

Helping older Americans age with dignity

Oncuity was founded with one goal in mind: find innovative, legal solutions to advance cannabinoid-based therapies for adults 65+ and empower our national partners to study, distribute, and administer CBTs. Our approach has the potential to reduce dependence on high-risk pharmaceuticals and help older Americans age more comfortably.


We aim to give older adults safe and easy access to cannabinoid-based therapies by partnering with providers, payors, and policymakers to build a CBT infrastructure that scales at the national level.


We are designing a better patient experience model around CBTs that’s tailored to the specific needs of individual adults 65+.


By partnering with leading academic and healthcare institutions through our research center, the Living Lab, we’re taking an innovative approach to establish a healthcare standard for CBTs.

Aging can be a hard pill to swallow

After experiencing first hand the obstacles in accessing modern quality healthcare for older adults, Howard Kessler set out on a mission to do something about it – without throwing more pills at the problem.

Now, Kessler is using his experience and connections as a finance innovator to work with our country’s federal government and healthcare industry to provide adults 65+ with safe access to cannabinoid-based therapies and redefine healthcare norms for senior wellness.

“It has and continues to be my belief that greatest beneficiaries of cannabis-based therapies (CBTs) are the 65 and over segment (our “protected class”). Ironically, this segment of our population has the least access to CBTs, little guidance on how to use them, and overcoming a ‘false stigma’.

There is little doubt cannabis-based therapies give relief from the ailments of aging – such as pain, anxiety, sleep, memory loss, depression, appetite loss, dementia, and so on – when properly formulated and administered. Initial studies of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and its interaction with CBTs show it even has the potential to ‘slow the aging of the brain’. [12]

If my belief is correct, we could be administering CBTs – that all indications show – will improve their quality of life and end-of-life care, while saving 100s of billions of dollars in healthcare costs to this fastest growing segment of our population, as well as expenditures of our healthcare system.

This humanitarian initiative, which began 3 years ago, is now composed of data, medical, and science professionals, and their research indicates the primary beneficiaries of CBT are adults 65 and older.

This needs a ‘warp speed’ approach the same way the Affordable Care Act began, and it needs to happen now, because the reward is far greater than the risk with cannabis-based therapies for seniors.”

~Howard Kessler

Join us in redefining healthcare norms for adults 65+

We have a tremendous opportunity to help our country’s most vulnerable population live happier, healthier lives. With your help, we can create the meaningful change needed to provide them with safer, more effective treatments through CBTs – and save billions in healthcare expenses. Join us as we redefine healthcare norms for adults 65+.

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