Living Lab

The Living Lab is a research initiative dedicated to the scientific exploration of the endocannabinoid system. It consists of a highly collaborative team of experts fighting for better research to improve the lives of our country’s aging population. Their findings will help form the foundation needed to develop evidence-based treatment protocols physicians can use to create safe, effective CBT programs to help fight the ailments of aging in adults 65 and older.

Completed & Ongoing Studies

Living Lab Data

See what the Living Lab’s growing body of research is saying about the use of cannabinoid-based therapies for treating the ailments of aging among adults 65+.

Medical Advisory Board

“Following the use of the cannabis product, participants experienced a notable increase in quality of sleep which is described as good to very good (5% – 72%). A substantial number of participants also reported experiencing a full night’s sleep (from 8% – 65%). Similarly, individuals noted their discomfort interfering less in daily activities. These consumer data points speak to the potential effectiveness of this cannabis product to address sleep and discomfort concerns in the 65+ population.”

Join us in redefining healthcare norms for adults 65+

We have a tremendous opportunity to help our country’s most vulnerable population live happier, healthier lives. With your help, we can create the meaningful change needed to provide them with safer, more effective treatments through CBTs – and save billions in healthcare expenses. Join us as we redefine healthcare norms for adults 65+.

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